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Cité Mommen I Résidents I Roberta Gigante
The way in which I present my work, explores the contextual limitations of art venues through a constant interrogation of the role of art and the way of sharing it with an audience. My work oscillates between permanent and ephemeral installations in public spaces and an interrogation of mental images. In public spaces my research hinges on dissolving the monumental while amplifying and elaborating daily occurrences that influence the landscape. I am interested in the urban fabric of inbetween spaces, that acquire a symbolic value by serving a social function. With regards to my interest in mental imagery, I am currently working on sculptures that deal with different scales of finiteness or the infiniteness of time. My work gives shape to assorted heterogeneous notes and a collection, that bring together different places and time scales. This poses an opening in my fine art practice, that accommodates a continuos interrogation of humans and what they produce.

Last exhibition and works : Collective exhibition Incarnations, curator Estelle Lacaille, Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, Brussel, Belgium. Collective exhibition: Accidental Colors, curator Maud Salembier, BIN, Turnhout, Belgium. Collective exhibition: Les mains Libres, curator Laurent Jacob, E2N, Liège, Belgium. Collective exhibition: Family Metter, De La Charge, Bruxelles, Belgium. Solo exhibition: Extasis - C-BOX Centrale for contemporary art, Bruxelles, Belgium. Permanent interventions One Drop / Ouverture Blow Out, Gand, Belgium. 2014 :  Collective exhibition: Arte Povera From A to Z, curator Luk Lambrecht, Strombeek, Belgium.